Affinity Mobile 3.0

Affinity is a relationship management platform that helps you close more deals by analyzing more data points to give you the best intro path as well as automating your workflow by enriching data about different people or companies.

  • May 2019 - Apr 2020
  • San Francisco
  • Team:
    ‍Kat Wang (PM)
    Shrey Gupta (Eng Lead)
    Peter Tubig (Eng Manager)
    Distillery (Outsourced Dev Shop)

"I use Affinity's mobile app to prep for my meetings for the day. It's great for helping me keep on top of things while I'm on the go, but sometimes it's hard to find all of the information I need."

- Ben Hensman, SquarePeg Capital on previous version of Affinity Mobile (below)


I led the redesign for Affinity Mobile 3.0, building an application that utilized machine learning to empower users to come prepared to meetings, capture smart follow-ups, and manage their pipeline regardless of where they are.


Through close collaboration with both an internal and external engineering team, and research with the product and customer success teams, I helped align the company goals to build a redesign of our mobile app that would help VC firms better close more deals while on the go.

We listened to our customers who spent more than 50% of their time on the way to meetings or conferences complaining about how frustrating their workflows on mobile are and built an app that can smartly handle capturing important notes, support reminders and triggers to keep deals warm, and provide a robust search system for sourcing.