Affinity for Sales (previously Alliances)

Alliances, now known as Affinity for Sales, started off as a Chrome Extension dedicated to helping mid-market Sales Teams close more deals by using relationship intelligence to surface the best warm introductions through connections enriched by email and calendar data. Now, it is a full-blown product that users can utilize to uncover key relationships and integrate with other softwares to maximize efficiency in their workflow and remove communication silos.

  • May 2019 - Apr 2020
  • San Francisco
  • Team:
    Tim Raftis (PM)
    Hansen Qian (Eng Lead)
    Gabriel Fan, Tom Li (Eng)


Some of the issues of the previous version of the Chrome Extension sidebar included:

  • Difficulty understanding 1st Degree vs. 2nd Degree Connections
  • Information overload especially when there are many connections
  • Prioritization issues around knowing who the best point of contact is
  • Confusion around how relationship strength is calculated


As a new product, the goal of the Affinity for Sales team was to find product-market fit by validating that the Chrome Extension would provide value for mid-market Sales teams. However, upon testing with several of our pilot users, we found that there were many issues of readability and understandability within the Chrome Extension that led to an increase in churn for our customers.


Design Decisions

A. Unpacking connections: We decided to progressively disclose information about a connection to make sure users weren't overwhelmed with the amount of information shown. Workflow-wise, we found that users were more likely to look for a target buyer first, and then dig deeper.

B. User Education: Painting a clearer picture of what relationship strength means and how to leverage allies to know who the best point of contact is.

Final Product